About the songs

1. Cooltown train
This song is about the many people who pass through my home town and leave a lasting impression.
2. Love won’t be there
This is about the one person who changed my life and how lucky I am to have met her…
3. Where the buffalo roam
I saw these wonderful animals recently in South Dakota and they completely fascinated me. Even though man has tried to eradicate them they still flourish.
4. I’ll be home again my love
I have written traditional irish sounding songs in the past and this one is one of my favourites, loosely based on the Gathering project that brings people back home to Ireland.
5. Starfish
This is about Liam Clancy whom I spent time and played some gigs with. We played on the late late show in Ireland and drank a lot of whiskey. Fortunately not at the same time. A wonderful man…
6. Wild is the vine
My wife asked me to write a country song…so I did. It’s about my new life and new home. It is not a gardening manual!
7. Sunshine Saturday
Saturday afternoons were the happiest of my life growing up in Belfast. My mother would treat me to a pastie supper, followed by a trifle dessert and let me watch my favourite programmes. Bliss
8. Wondrous Day
Inspired by my gorgeous kids…as I strummed a few chords the sun shone brightly into the living room. My youngest said ‘Daddy every time you play that song the sun comes out’.
9. Walking with my heart
This started out as a rock song for another project but it seemed to fit the CD. I particularly like my harmonics on it.
10. Sunset Island
A few years back a lot of local kids were taking their own lives. This left a devastating effect on the community. Still does…
11. If I took a tumble
I sometimes find it hard to express myself so I would clown around a bit to the annoyance of my loved ones…
12. Every moving object
The last piece on the CD and sort of title track. I wanted a dramatic end to the album…watch out for the drums at the end!

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