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David Dee Moore
Album: The Sun, The Moon, The Stars and Other Moving Objects
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12
David Dee Moore has played bass with Van Morrison and other luminaries too numerous to mention, and has always been considered as one of our finest musicians. Now, after several years honing his craft as a songwriter in the West of Ireland, comes his debut CD. Twelve tracks in all, each different from the other, each also demanding engagement from the listener.

This, folks is an album that like good food, demands slow cooking, and lots of attention. It has been my travelling companion for several weeks now, both at home and abroad, and I can truthfully say that each listen brings with it a newly discovered turn of phrase, a little flick on slide guitar, previously unnoticed, a fiddle line now more accented. The common thread, though, is the quality of the writing, for these are fine songs, well sung, with gorgeous, understated arrangements.

Cooltown Train, the opening track , is ushered in by slide guitar, and takes the tempo by the scruff of the neck . A damn fine road song, it brings back memories of nights under canvas -and less, when youth and drink-and the odd regret -got the better of me. !Though the supporting architecture for the album is acoustic in nature, it is not particularly Irish in feel, a good thing, in my view, because it suggests that more potential in terms of sales might be found outside these shores. The one obvious exception is I’ll Be Home Again, My Love which has a lovely, trad-like lilt to the melody, with fiddle reinforcing the feel.

With this album, David Dee Moore has delivered a very strong statement of intent, one which marks him out as a strong contender in the new wave of Irish writers. He has interesting things to say, and more than a hint of even better things to come. Beautifully sung, played and produced, it’s a gift which will go on giving for some considerable time.

Oliver P. Sweeney

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