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new lemonade marinade Single feat. Ger Eaton

Lemonade Marinade Release new Single 

Yes, Love has Found You Here’ 

Lemonade Marinade release ‘Yes, Love has Found You Here’ on Friday June 4th. 

This is their their 5th and final single from their self titled EP which is due for release on Thursday June 17th..

The Irish collective are delighted to add the man of the moment Ger Eaton to their ever evolving line up. Think of Scott Walker and Glen Campbell and you will find somewhere close to where Ger would fit musically and vocally, with his last release ‘Hollow’ still blocking up the airwaves in Ireland. He is a much sought after musician working with such luminaries like the. The Pale, Mundy and Jack Lukeman and post lockdown will surely be a busy time for this talented multi instrumentalist.

Once again all proceeds from the EP will go to a mental health charity, this time it is Mindspace (a free and confidential support service that promotes young peoples mental health and wellbeing. Its  aim is to support young people aged 15-25 who are going through a difficult time to ensure they get the support they need). 

Following up from the acclaimed songs  ‘Paradise Bay’ ‘Brilliant’, ‘It’s Good To See’ and ‘Venus and Me’ the lockdown band release another soothingly warm piece of musical heaven sang with tenderness and care by Ger and layered with delightful harmonies from the talents of Gillian Tuite, Janet Henry and Cathryn Craig.

All the songs in this project relate lyrically to the chosen charities conveying a message of hope and again the track was written by songwriter and producer David Dee Moore. C

The rest of the top notch band consists of Nick Scott (Gilbert O’Sullivan, Mary Black) on double bass, Colin Henry on dobro, Fintan Hanley (Vickers Vimy) on electric guitar and mandolin, Brian McAteer (Phil Coulter,  Alisdair Frazer) on strings and Brian Willoughby (Strawbs, Mary Hopkin) on electric guitar. 

David Dee Moore  Singer/songwriter, producer and radio broadcaster collaborated with such artists like Niamh Parsons , Steve Wickham, Liam Clancy, Brian Kennedy to name but a few.

Cathryn Craig is from Richmond, Virginia and has built a strong reputation as both singer and songwriter. She is no stranger to Tennessee’s Nashville recording studios, working with Chet Atkins, The Righteous Brothers, Shel Silverstein and Jorma Kaukonen.

Brian Willoughby is best known for his virtuoso performances on electric and acoustic guitar. As well as playing with the Strawbs in the 80s and 90s, Brian has been a session player/sideman in much demand, playing with the likes of Mary Hopkin, Roger Whittaker, Monty Python, Joe Brown, Jim Diamond and Nanci Griffith.

Brian McAteer has been a leading light in the N.Ireland folk scene whilst training in classical violin. An expert on string arrangements working with Phil Coulter and Alisdair Frazier.

Colin Henry is one of the most sought after Dobro players in Ireland.

Fintan Hanley is the principle songwriter and guitarist with popular Irish recording artists Vickers Vimy.

Gillian Tuite is a singer songwriter in her own right and also has a list of co writes under her belt that include Charlie McGettigan and US writer Gary Ferguson

Janet Henry is a songwriter in her own right and recently released her latest album ‘Going Home’.

Lemonade Marinade Release 3rd Single

 Lemonade Marinade are back with their third single during these uncertain times for the Irish mental health charity Pieta. Following on from their acclaimed singles ‘Good to See (That Some Things Still Shine So Bright)’ and ‘Venus and Me’, the Irish lockdown band release the joyeous indie pop song ‘Brilliant’ on Friday November 6th, 2020.

All the songs relate lyrically to the chosen charity and relay a message of encouragement and hope, with the risk of suicide spiralling since covid (especially in young men). ‘Brilliant’ offers lyrically an alternative to the darkness they feel with love and a wonderful future within their grasp.

With this new single Lemonade Marinade hope in some small way to help raise funds and ensure Pieta can continue their vital work.

Brilliant’ was written by songwriter and producer David Dee Moore. Vocals on this track come from legendary Nashville singer and Co.Down based Cathryn Craig (Righteous Brothers, Chet Atkins) 

The slick accompaniment comes from a band handpicked by David Dee Moore with years of musical experience and creativity. These include Nick Scott (Gilbert O’Sullivan, Mary Black) on bass, Colin and Janet Henry (Nancy Griffiths, Charlie McGettigan) on dobro and vocals respectively, Fintan Hanley(Vickers Vimy) on mandolin, Brian McAteer(Phil Coulter, Alisdair Frazer) on strings,  Brian Willoughby (Strawbs, Mary Hopkin) on nylon guitar and project producer, arranger David Dee Moore (Liam Clancy, Juliet Turner, Brian Kennedy) on guitars and keyboards

The track was mixed by Grammy nominees Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at The Production Suite Dublin and mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering Limerick.

Contact or Tel: 086 8752070

Lemonade marinade – venus and me

Lemonade Marinade are a collection of musical friends including David Dee Moore, ‘The Henry Family Band’ (Colin, Janet and James Henry), Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby, Brian McAteer, Nick Scott and Fintan Hanley. The song ‘Venus and Me’ was written by David Dee Moore in Westport and recorded all over Ireland in lockdown, All proceeds are going to Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm. It’s a song about mental health awareness, solitude and nocturnal beauty.


Venus and Me 

When you’ve got time, time to burn 
listening to the world 
Listen to it’s song 
Can you forgive, forgiveness is everything 
Heal it’s broken wing 
Help it fly again 

When you’ve got love 
so much love to give 
Reaching out to touch 
It doesn’t seem too much 
It gives so much peace 
With nothing in your wake 
A cold and honest truth 
We’ve so much more to lose 

High above the moon as we watch the night unfurl 
Lovely Venus shines on the lonely boys and girls 
She’s a sapphire, she’s a diamond,  she’s a pearl 

Feel the warmth 
And the still of the night 
The stars all shining bright 
and lovely Venus and me 

Theres no sound, no talk, no sermons heard 
no spiel, no song, no mockingbird 
No speech, no voices anywhere in the world  
Theres no sound, no talk, no sermons heard 
no spiel, no song, no mockingbird 
No speech, no voices anywhere in the world  

@David Dee Moore 2020


released May 29, 2020 
Written by David Dee Moore 
Mixed by Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at The Production Suite Dublin 
Mastered by Wav Mastering Limerick 
Recorded all over Ireland by all involved in Lockdown 


David Dee Moore Vocals, Acoustic Guitars 
Nick Scott, Double Bass 
Brian Willoughby, Electric Guitar 
Colin Henry, Dobro 
James Henry, 5 String Banjo 
Fintan Hanley, Mandolin 
Brian McAteer, Violins 
Janet Henry, Backing Vocals 
Cathryn Craig, Backing Vocals