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A native of Belfast, singer / songwriter David Dee Moore (vocals, acoustic guitar), together with the multi-instrumentalist Donal O’Connor (violin, viola, piano, mandola, Clavinet) have produced a new album with twelve original songs. Among the recordings in Belfast he has invited a number of top musicians.
Moore sets the tone with a brisk country song, “Cooltown train”, rhythmically supported by drums and bass, he sings to the sound of slide guitar, Weissenborn, harmonica, dobro and Hammond organ. There follows a series of hidden ballads with piano, Hammond organ and strings dominated “Love will not be there” or “Where the buffalo roams,” a melancholic Americana. “Sunshine Saturday” is a slow blues, beautiful voices accompany Moore’s soulful singing and the musicians inspire you with virtuoso performance. My favorite song is “If I took a tumble”, rhythmic guitars, piano, strings and backing vocals accompany Moore’s impassioned vocals, and “Every moving object”, the album ends with a contemplative piano / strings ballad.
The new album by David Dee Moore has beautiful songs, great arrangements and the excellent musicians guarantee perfect shots and a lot of listening pleasure.
© Adolf “gorhand” Goriup

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