Listen to the new radio station set up by David Dee Moore in conjunction with 3 independent DJs from the UK, Ian Freedman, Neil King and David Chambelain.


David Dee Moore is a Mayo based singer songwriter, producer, broadcaster, festival and event organiser, creative designer, photographer, journalist and artist PR. In fact there is not much he hasn’t tackled that is connected to the music industry over the last 40 years.

For the last 7 years he had been broadcasting his own radio show on the hugely popular Blues and Roots Radio Network based in Canada before creating his own Folk Friday Radio Station and to keep his Irish feet firmly on the ground he also shares his show on Over The West Online Radio.

His internet show promotes independent Irish songwriters and musicians in Ireland and beyond. Originally he had 2 shows The Acoustic Yard and the Celtic Starfish and in early 2022 these amalgamated into the one very popular David Dee Moore Radio Show.

Recognising a need for artist to promote there music beyond the radio shows he created Two Swan Designs (Irish Music Media) PR services. These include promoting the artists current work to a wide network of radio stations, bloggers and media outlets across Ireland, UK and select international contacts, providing design and imagery for album/single covers and social media platforms. He also supplies one to one mentoring to help the artist ultimately promote their own music. 

As a musician himself he has been involved in dozens of albums and singles from his punk days in Belfast with the Ex-Producers, to blues bands like Boardwalk and The Piston Slappers, traditional folk music with Niamh Parsons and Liam Clancy and more recently his own album ‘The Sun, The Moon, The Stars…And Other Moving Objects’. In the last few years he successful created a collaborative 5 single music project under the name Lemonade Marinade that included Ger Eaton, Gillian Tuite, Cathryn Craig and Janet Henry.

David also created The Acoustic Yard songwriter sessions in 2016 that grew into a 3 times IMRO nominated festival in Westport, Co.Mayo and continues to this day to help artists by organising and advising them on gigs and touring etc.

I have a strong passion for independent singer songwriting and I’m proud to have helped so many musicians to get a step on the musical ladder. They have become my extended family!”